What's your special talent?

Open Mic

Open Mic

At UMC Utrecht, each of us has individual talents at work. That's for sure. But the same is true outside our work! And it is precisely those hidden – well, hidden at UMC Utrecht, anyway – talents that we are incredibly curious about.

What is your particular talent, gift or speciality? Do you sing lovely arias? Can you stand on one leg for three hours while speaking Russian? Or maybe you can write beautifully, imitate bird sounds, flip a pancake ten times, craft unusual furniture, grow orchids or do something totally different? Share it with your colleagues and fellow students!

Send us your talent no later than 31 July. You can submit a video, a photo, a text or a combination of all those things.

And if we're deeply impressed, we will post your entry online and your fellow UMC Utrecht staff and students can vote for you. Grab your chance! Who knows, you might be crowned the top talent of the anniversary year.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 Fill in the form below.

Step 2 A jury – consisting of several UMC Utrecht staff and students – will review all entries after 31 July and select a Top 20.

Step 3 The jury will post these 20 top talents online in September, after which there will be a two-week period when everyone can vote for their favourite.

Step 4 We will then reveal the Top 10 resulting from this vote in September.

Step 5 The ten entries chosen as best of the best will showcase their talents during a livestreamed event in the week of 11 October. The winner will be selected and announced LIVE!

Let us know your talent!

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