Play along with UMC Utrecht

Play along with UMC Utrecht

Take part in fun and interesting games, both individual and interactive ones. You can play at your workplace, indoors or outdoors, throughout the hospital or simply from home. Take part together, on your own, with your team or other UMC Utrecht staff and students. You can find the games online every last week of the month from April to October. Check out the list of games below and sign up for the ones that appeal to you the most.

Treasure Hunt at UMC Utrecht/WKZ uitklapper, klik om te openen

Up for some active entertainment during your lunch break? Go on our Treasure Hunt! Armed with your phone, follow a route through the hospital, scanning QR codes, answering questions, solving riddles and finding clues and brainteasers. Many of the questions are about UMC Utrecht – how well do you know our home base? Compete against your colleagues or strike out on your own. At the end, you’ll find out if you have answered enough questions correctly to be able to open the ‘treasure’ (after you get one last answer right, that is ... ).

This game takes 30 to 60 minutes to play and you can start whenever you like. You can play between 31 May and 29 October, after which we will announce the winner! Directions on how to play the Treasure Hunt will be posted here from 31 May.

Online Vitality Game uitklapper, klik om te openen

Sometimes the body and mind cry out for action, especially now: time to step away from your workplace and get moving! This online Vitality Game gives you a chance to do just that.

You decide the distance for yourself, as well as whether to take part indoors or out. The more metres you cover, the more questions, tasks and riddles you'll be assigned – and the more points you'll score! You and your colleague(s) will start from the virtual meeting point, which you'll each access on your own. You should allow about 90 minutes for this game. While it takes only an hour to play, we need an additional 15 minutes before and after, to announce the winner, for instance! Maximum of 300 players, with at least 4 players per round.

Monday 28 June, 15:00-16:30, Vitality Game
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Project Arrow game uitklapper, klik om te openen

Have you always wanted to save humanity? Don't miss your chance to take on the role of world leader! Project Arrow is a hilarious online game that you play remotely in teams of at least four. A daunting challenge awaits: the world is facing a crisis of an unprecedented scale and it is up to you, the world's leaders, to avert the danger. Cooperation, unfortunately, is not your strong suit – but that’s exactly what it will take to prevent the end of the world.

A team of specialists has therefore developed a potentially life-saving online tool: Project Arrow. In this game, you'll discover each other's talents and abilities and then put them to good use in this blood-curdling race against the clock! Moral & purpose: Work together to solve the biggest problems.

You should allow around 90 minutes for this game. While it takes only about an hour to play, you should count on 15 minutes both before and after to get everything set up and finished. We need time, for example, to announce the winning team! Maximum of 300 players, with at least 4 players per round.

Registration is closed. 

Into Fresh Air Energizer uitklapper, klik om te openen

All right! It's time to venture outside, into the fresh air. And you'll be (virtually) accompanied by a true game master! Every fifty metres you travel will trigger a question or a command. For example: record a video of a bird. And if you answer the question correctly or perform the task well, you will earn points. The further you go, the more points you can earn. You can download the Online Energizer onto your smartphone and then easily start it by scanning a QR code. This game can be played on your own or you can set out with a group. You're sure to return your workplace feeling refreshed!

Tuesday 25 May, 12:30-13:00, Into Fresh Air Energizer
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Monday 26 July, 12:30-13:00, Into Fresh Air Energizer
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Wednesday, 29 September, 12:30-13:00, Into Fresh Air Energizer
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Fysiofun Energizer uitklapper, klik om te openen

Are you sometimes or often troubled by a stiff neck or sore back? Maybe you just spend too much time sitting in front of a screen (who doesn't ... ). Fysiofun can help you relax and promotes better workstation posture.

A cheerful (live) physical therapist offers you online inspiration, including tips and simple stretching exercises that you can do at your desk. You will learn how to adopt a flexible and relaxed posture in front of your screen, enabling you to work in a more ergonomic position. Let yourself be surprised by what your body is capable of, learn mega-dexterous and mind-bending body tricks and bring the session to a relaxing conclusion with a mini-meditation session. Afterwards, you'll be ready to face the world (and your screen) again, calm and relaxed.

Fysiofun takes about 15 to 30 minutes. You'll feel much better right away !

Wednesday 28 April, 12:30-13:00, Fysiofun
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Thursday 24 June, 12:30-13:00, Fysiofun
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Tuesday, 24 August, 12:30-13:00, Fysiofun
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Monday 25 October, 12:30-13:00, Fysiofun
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