See for yourself

See for yourself

Stories from UMC Utrecht

What does UMC Utrecht mean to you? And to other members of the UMC Utrecht family? We’re going to ask you. And we plan to let you hear and see what you and your fellow students and colleagues have to say about it!

KoffieCo interviews: The UMC Utrecht in pictures uitklapper, klik om te openen

Eva, Tessa, Mare, Tiara and Doris: our very own UMC Utrecht-grown, famous KoffieCo team! Armed with a cup of coffee, these residents make the best podcasts out there: interviews with ‘the nicest, most interesting and most inspiring doctors in the Netherlands’. This anniversary year, you might just run into them in the hospital corridors – and probably holding a microphone rather than a cup of coffee. They'll be there to ask: What does UMC Utrecht mean to you? You will find the results here at the beginning of June!

Vlogs: a behind-the-scenes look at colleagues’ work uitklapper, klik om te openen

Always wondered how other UCM Utrecht employees spend their days? Or what it's like for someone whose job is completely different than yours? Seven pairs will take up the challenge and find out. They'll spend a few hours shadowing each other's work or study – and make a vlog about it! For example, a nursing student will follow a member of the Executive Board around, a hostess will shadow a division manager, someone from the fire brigade will accompany a doctor's assistant ... And vice versa, of course. You will find the vlogs here soon. 

Want to know how to make your own vlog? We've created an instructional video on ‘how to vlog’! View it here

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Patient Joop shares stories from UMC Utrecht uitklapper, klik om te openen

Joop de Jager tells the stories of UMC Utrecht staff members and their patients. He wants to know how science and UMC Utrecht play or have played a role in people's lives. What touches them, or has affected them in the past? Who made an indelible impression on them? Joop was inspired by de Volkskrant newspaper series 'Die ene patiënt' (That one patient) and is a patient himself.

Joop's series of stories will illustrate what UMC Utrecht stands for – but above all, that we stand stronger side by side. The best way for us to work towards a better world is together.

Would you like to be interviewed as well, or do you know someone else who would? No matter who you are or what your job is, we are curious about everyone's stories. So, whether you are a nurse, cleaner, professor, cook or student, we would love to hear your story.

Are you interested in sharing, or do you know someone else who would like to (or who has a story too good to ignore)?

Send your name and contact details to Joop will contact you to schedule an interview appointment, after which he'll write your story (in about 500 words).

We will also ask permission to include a photo along with the story – but if you would prefer no photo, we will naturally respect your wishes. 

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